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Q10 Residential

Q10 Residential

Q10 Residential

The number that is part of the name of our new residential is not something by chance. In fact, 10 was the sacred number for Pythagoras, and it is the basis of the metric system. It is 1 (everything) and 0 (nothing), that is: the balance. 10 is Maradona and Pelé, the number of fingers on our hands and feet, the maximum score in an exam, is synonymous with precision, perfection, excellence…

The new Q10 Residential is a step further in the concept of residential housing, totally unique in its area, which is made up of 10 independent luxury villas just 10 km from the center of Alicante and the beaches. Located in the municipal area of Muchamiel, they are in a quiet and well-connected residential area, close to schools, sports centers, hospitals, shops and catering services.

One of the most outstanding elements of these wonderful Q10 homes is, without a doubt, the large plot area that it offers, which starts at 356 m2, which guarantees a parking space for your car, and a large garden and terrace areas. where you and your family can enjoy the outdoors, evenings with your loved ones, and optionally, a pool where you can cool off in the hottest months.

The interior of the house is, literally, the one you have always dreamed of. Its 147m2 distributed over two floors, house 4 bedrooms equipped with built-in wardrobes and motorized blinds, and three fully equipped bathrooms. The living room is the queen of the crown, because the term “amplitude” in this case is raised to the nth power, thanks to its large glass doors that give direct access to the garden, its double height, which communicates directly with the upper rooms, and the kitchen, totally open, creating an open and modern concept.

We cannot forget the private basement, which can be accessed directly from the house, and illuminated with natural light through the attached English patio. A spacious room in which to place the guest house, the children’s playroom, or that intimate space in which to enjoy your hobbies. And all this provided with equipment such as air conditioning, alarm, electrical appliances…

Do you need more reasons to know that it is the house of your dreams? Q10 is your villa in Alicante.

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